Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.

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A few days ago I sat down to do one of my favorite things, find a daytime talk show to captivate my attention for an hour!  Flipping through the guide I was easily swayed to choose “Bethenny” as an avid housewife and talk show fan. BOY am I glad I did.  One of the segments introduced me to a once familiar face, that became a face I will never forget.  This man captured my attention with his undeniable gorgeous-ness and then stole my heart with three words: “physically, mentally, spiritually.” JUST KILL ME NOW… I AM IN LOVE.

Read & Learn ALL MEN everywhere:

“The bottom line is that I took my wife off the market, so from now on it is my job to stimulate her physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s my job.” – Boris Kodjoe

Every person in a relationship needs to take notes from this guy.  Men and women!  This is exactly how we should feel about our partner, and what we should want to do for them.  Especially in a devoted relationship or marriage, we should feel deep joy each time we have a chance to do something for our partner in any way. (But BOTH must feel this way.) It cannot be one loving doting person while the other just sits there soaking in the love.

Let me tell you, if any woman saw this episode and didn’t screech with joy, you need glasses and/or a hearing aid. I literally yelled “Oh my God… Holy F*ck..” alone in my apartment and I am not ashamed of that at all.  Watching this beautiful man say such beautiful things is beyond sexy.  I died a little.  A lot.  OMG. HELLOOOOOO.

The only reason you should  not want to marry this man yourself is because he clearly is already married and I want to see those two last forever.  Let’s be serious, the Mrs. is obviously well, eh-hem, stimulated.  She is not going anywhere!

Until they post this clip somewhere here is another of the couple. They are so adorable! I can’t even take it.

4.25 on is perfect.

How about some visuals… shall we?




& lastly (to further sell this guy as basically the perfect man)

On a previous episode of “Bethenny” he was on she asked “How often do you have sex with your wife?”

The beautiful Boris responds (after clarifying they have been married 8 years)

“Every day.” DING DING DING –right answer!  “Listen to me, when you take your wife off the market, you gotta deliver.”

I love this couple.  I aspire to be this couple some day.

Please teach seminars, Boris, so future husbands everywhere are as stimulating as you. That is all.



If and/or when this clip I saw that first introduced me to his tantalizing theories is uploaded I will be on the hunt and will post it right away.



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