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About Allure and Cure:

We all have a natural desire to be our best selves.  Every day we wake up wanting to be even better than we were the day before, in a constant competition with our past selves, and this is good!

We want to indulge in all aspects of life from the guilty pleasures, fashion, entertainment, food, and also strive to maintain our health and overall physical appearance.   Allure and Cure’s goal is to make life what it should be.  Fun and Fulfilling.  We deserve to feed our human desires, even those that are at times superficial, while remembering the importance of living a full balanced healthy life.

I hope to help motivate my readers to take advantage of all life has to offer and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Guilty Pleasures:  

Often we are made to feel GUILTY for wanting… wanting anything, because “there are people out there with less than us.”  This is true, but it does not mean we should not want. Without wanting we would not work to better ourselves. On this journey to being our best most authentic selves, appreciate each step along the way, be grateful for what you do have, and how far you have already come. Furthermore, be kind. Hold a door, make a donation, live a healthy lifestyle.   Be someone to look up to. Be a role model!

This blog is my chance to share the aspects of life I enjoy with all of you!  As a journalist, lover of yoga, fitness, food, and fashion, this blog allows me to write about and share my ideas of what it means to have a productive fun life.

Fit Life:

Staying fit and healthy is a major part of my life and one of my passions.  I am guilty of spending hours scouring the internet and fitness magazines for the newest moves and workouts to tone and tighten!  More so I have spent weeks at a time using many of the workouts, perfecting my form and pushing myself to use more weight or more reps.  Furthermore, through these many trials I have conducted, I definitely have some favorite routines and moves that provide the most progress.  I am eager to share what has worked best for me and hope they are useful enough to add to your routines as well.   Adding a new workout at the gym is an exciting challenge leaving one to feel more productive when they leave, and sore the next day!

The most important part of my fitness journey was discovering Yoga and making a daily Yoga practice a part of my lifestyle.  This practice truly enriches and enhances the mind body and the soul and I am so happy to share Yoga with YOU!

I don’t look for extreme results or condone extreme diets.  It is important to embrace your body and want to be your best self, (not someone else), in a healthy manner.  If you are interested in entering a fitness competition, then yes, you probably want to be more strict.  I am here to motivate those who want to live an active healthy lifestyle and challenge themselves in fun and new ways.

Young and Ambitious:

Q&A’s with young people who work hard and strive toward their dreams.  I meet so many interesting and talented people who are devoted to achieving their goals. What these individuals display through their work, ambitions, talents, and determination, is truly inspiring.  I hope these posts inspire you as well.

“There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability.  It is the ability to recognize ability.” – Robert Half

About Alyssa “Yogiano”, Creator of Allure and Cure:

Alyssa strive’s to create a Yoga environment that is authentic, fun, and challenging! Her positivity and ability to make class “light and fun” best represents who she is as a teacher and person and so she stays true to that.  Alyssa sees that all aspects of life should be fun, and that includes yoga! Often new practitioners can be intimidated by the perception of yoga and some postures. Her classes are a joyous experience where practitioners are able to let go of any pressure they feel and enjoy the practice as a time where they can fully let go and have a good time (while breaking a sweat!)

Alyssa is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a 200 hour yoga teacher training. She currently most enjoys teaching Vinyasa flow.  This type of class improves both cardio health and strength. Students leave feeling balanced and powerful after she leads them through postures connected with an inhalation and exhalation of breath creating movement of grace and a strong mind body connection.  Holding a class where where everyone will leave feeling better and lighter is what she is most passionate about.

Yoga does not have to be a spiritual practice for all, so this is not always something discussed in Alyssa’s classes. However, meditation and the connection with the true self is a huge part of Alyssa’s personal practice.  In connection with the Allure and Cure message, Alyssa recognizes that our souls are here for the human experience and we should enjoy what this world has to offer while we are here.  So yes, enjoy the “guilty pleasure” but also take time to care for the authentic self!

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