Bobby Colombi Interview

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Interview with Bobby Colombi: I met Bobby while attending college at the University of Rhode Island.  As a peer, and a fan, I always admired not only his talent but his ability to put himself out there in order to pursue what he is passionate about.  That being said he was an obvious choice for me to feature as my next young and ambitious inspiration!


1. Share what it is that you do.

Right now I’m finishing up my last semester of college at the University of Rhode Island and will graduate in May with a degree in Communications.  However, I am an aspiring hip-hop artist who’s just trying to make a way in my own lane.

2. What are you ultimate goals? Short-term, Long-term.

My ultimate goal?  My ultimate goal is to be successful.  Whatever it is that may mean. Everyone wants to be successful right?  I mean my dream is to make music for a living because I love making music.  I like creating things, things I can express myself through and hopefully other people can connect and relate to.  As far as short-term goals, it would have to be to release this upcoming project I have coming out.  The EP that we are planning to release is supposed to drop early spring, the latest.  We still haven’t released the name of it yet, but we did just drop the first single off it called, “Make It Real.”  The song features Cesar Luciano and the track was produced by The Aficionados (Mark Rossi and Chris Vartanian).  As far as long-term goals go, I have a ton and they keep on changing as I live each day, imagine that? Haha..But I guess if I’m going to share one it would be that by this time next year or so, I’m living in a different state, in some top notch studio, with all my homies working on music…sipping some sort of high class booze and planning a tour of some sort…That sounds right.

3. What accomplishments are you most proud of, thus far?

Honestly I think the best thing is just releasing the music and videos and what not and just having people come up to me, whether they’re people I know or not and having them telling me how much they really like what I’m doing.  The greatest satisfaction when you’re trying to master your craft is to hear the positive feedback and to see that you’re progressing.  Obviously releasing my first official mixtape, “D.R.E.A.M.” was something I was hella proud of as well.  It’s hard to believe that was like a year and a half ago.  Other than that, some stand out moments for me have been opening up for Big Sean twice as well as Curren$y and a few other local shows I’ve done. The Big Sean Show I did last Spring was unreal though, definitely the biggest venue I’ve done with the biggest crowd I’ve performed in front of. It was one of those nostalgic moments that just seemed kind of unreal.

4. What or who inspired your interest in music?

As far as what inspires me I know it’s really cliché to say but I have to just say everything. My life and who I’m around inspires me. Things I see, experiences I go through or experiences people I know go through…it all helps me to make music…Family for sure.  I mean growing up their wasn’t a word you could say that my mom didn’t have a song for…and I mean she had a song for everything…I’m glad though because she’s definitely a big reason why I have such a wide range of music that I like…Old to new… classic to urban…I have a couple of cousins too that are pursuing or did pursue music careers. It was always awesome at family parties just having music so prevalent.  Further than that though and more relevant to why I started to rap, I’d have to say one of my best friends John Greene…you definitely have heard the name and if you haven’t you will…seeing as he’s done any video I’ve ever made as well as pretty much any video worth seeing along the East Coast.  But I met John back in 7th grade and he was always beat boxing and rapping (believe it or not haha).  Me, him and a few others of our friends were always just messing around with it on all sorts of websites and what not. From there on out it was more of just a hobby…something I would do at parties in high school.  It wasn’t until senior year when I started putting wack little videos on Facebook that people started to actually be like “hey you should really try doing something with this.”  From there it’s just what I started to do, a lot of remixes and stuff to popular songs. Then freshman year of college I linked up with Mark [Rossi] and we put out a mixtape that we made in his dorm room haha. It was called The Blackout Mixtape…shout out to whoever still has that…hahaha that was our shit haha…It was definitely a learning experience for us both…but we loved that project and that led me to meeting some people at school and getting more involved in shows.

5. What keeps you motivated?

Not knowing what else I want to do coming out of college…haha I’m kidding. But I mean my passion for making something that someone out there might listen to and it changes them or affects them in some way.  You know, 100 people might hate any song I ever make but if there’s one kid out there that rocks with me to the end, then it’s worth it. I think too I always just wanted better for myself…By no means do I come from a rough background at all…But we all see the movies, hear the songs, see the stars do what they do…Buy what they want to where they want to live…and all I see it as is, why not make it happen for me?

6. What is your favorite quote?

Ahhh, I don’t even know…Mom always told me to “treat others how you wanna be treated”…let’s go with that.

7. What are you working on NOW? 

Like I said, we’re currently working on the new EP.  I’m really excited to finish it and have people hear it. We have a bunch of new videos that are going to be coming out as well. So I’m really looking forward to these next few months.

8. Since allure and cure embraces some guilty pleasure,

What is YOUR guilty pleasure?

Hmm…I have quite a few haha..But I guess so I’m not judged too much, I’m a big salt guy…my doctor says it might lead to a problem…Fuck it.

Performance at URI:

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