The Grazers Guide: Snacks!

The Grazers Guide: Snacks! post image

Snacking or "grazing" has always been my eating style.  I enjoy little meals throughout the day to stay energized and focused and of course to keep my metabolism active.  Many people can relate to the desire to "graze" during the day and I am going to share some of my personal favorite healthy meals and… Read More

15 Minute Tank Top Arms Yoga Flow post image

Dynamic flow concentrating on sculpting and strengthening your arms!… Read More

The No Time to Workout, WORKOUT post image

The No Time to Workout, WORKOUT | 15 Minute Strength & Cardi-YOGA Flow to fit PERFECTLY into your busy day - whether you are a Mom raising young children, a 9-5er with lots of errands or just PLAIN BUSY! Break a sweat FAST, boosting your metabolism and sculpting long lean muscle, to keep your body… Read More

10 Minute Stretch

10 Minute Stretch post image

Enjoy this 10 minute stretch to gently work into the spaces within your body that need a little love and attention.   For more free Yoga subscribe to my YouTube channel found here!  … Read More

Effects of prolonged sitting: Health Hazards of Sitting! post image

You spend your time working SO HARD day to day - making efforts to improve the quality of your life and the life of your loved ones, truly, doing the right thing in your career.  That is something to feel good about. Then in the same hand as we are doing something to improve our lives, it seems we are… Read More

Improve Your Squat – Deep Squatting through Yoga post image

The squat has basically become the Beyonce of all exercise's.  People are talking about them - posting about them - OBSESSING about squats.  With a movement so powerful and beneficial for the body it is important to take care to perform your squats as properly and as effectively as possible. According to an article on a major factor contributing to… Read More

15 Minute Slow Morning Flow: Gentle Yoga Stretch! post image

Enjoy this  Slow Flow to ease into the day. Starting with gentle postures which will work to wake up the joints and your entire body finally ending and a standing pose to move into your day full of peace, harmony, and comfort throughout the mind and body. Perfect way to start the day no matter… Read More