The Grazers Guide: Snacks!

The Grazers Guide: Snacks! post image

Snacking or "grazing" has always been my eating style.  I enjoy little meals throughout the day to stay energized and focused and of course to keep my metabolism active.  Many people can relate to the desire to "graze" during the day and I am going to share some of my personal favorite healthy meals and… Read More

Bikini Bargains Beach BADDIES Need! post image

EXCUSE the alliteration in the title, I could not resist! Fellow Beach loving yogis and fashion lovers alike.... I LOVE a new bikini arriving in the mail early June to mark the official start of a brand new BEACH season.  When you find cuties as good as the below (** AND AS INEXPENSIVE! ** ) you… Read More

Pimp My Oatmeal

Pimp My Oatmeal post image

A serving of oatmeal can be one of the most nutritious and filling breakfasts to fuel your day. Although it is filling traditional oatmeal is not always very tasty and satisfying. That is probably why flavored oatmeal’s are such a hit! Those tastier pre-flavored oatmeal’s come at a cost , though, with unhealthy added sugars sometimes… Read More

The Gluten Free Guilt Trip

The Gluten Free Guilt Trip post image

“I’m sorry…” how I start most conversations with waiters lately. “I’m sorry … do you have a gluten free menu?”  Why am I so sorry, you ask? Well it is simple really.  I know all too well the stigma placed upon anyone eating gluten free.  “It’s a trend.” It's not a real allergy.” “People think… Read More

Summer Hair is in the Air

Summer Hair is in the Air post image

I have eagerly awaited the approaching summer season since..... September. (Yea, not sure why I live in the North East sometimes.)  Sun kissed skin, long beach days with my toes in the sand, drinks by the ocean, Yoga outside in the fresh air, and Balayage! Truly, Balayage is another NEW reason I LOVE summer because… Read More

Three Must Reads

Three Must Reads post image

These three books below are wonderful and empowering reads for all, but particularly MUST reads for anyone itching to change their lives and live their passions and dreams.  They have taught me how to view my own thoughts with care.  I have also learned that this entire Universe (if you allow it to be) is… Read More

Honesty Hour

Honesty Hour post image

Honesty hour... I am an OLD soul.  I am not here to get all spiritual (for once) or explain how the moon and the stars line up to sprinkle fairy dust and laaa deeee daaaa and thats why I am the way I am.... because although I believe in all of that and believe we… Read More