15 Minute Morning Yoga || Flow For Energy post image

https://youtu.be/ejwrNRQ2Olc WELCOME! Today we are going to be moving through this 15 Minute ENERGIZING Morning Yoga Flow to get the blood pumping and the juices flowing. We will be moving through energizing and nourishing postures to help you move into your day feeling ACCOMPLISHED, a little bit lighter, a little bit brighter, knowing that you… Read More

Strong Vinyasa Flow!

Strong Vinyasa Flow! post image

  https://youtu.be/uZXxD2cdT88 HI YOGIS & Friends! Show your body some LOVE and appreciation, right from home, with your Yoga practice! Enjoy this Strong Vinyasa Flow to deepen strength and flexibility throughout the entire body. Some Yoga experience recommended. Don’t forget to also check out my Instagram for awesome new poses and daily motivation! Instagram: @Yogiano… Read More

Yoga For Beginners – 30 Minute Home Workout! post image

This simple, 30-minute, yoga for beginners’ video was put together to help you get started or to help you get back to the basics. ALL levels are welcome to try out this video. Whether you’re new to Yoga and looking to learn the basic poses at your pace or a seasoned practitioner looking for a… Read More

Yoga Booty

Yoga Booty post image

Yoga flow focused on sculpting and shaping your lower body! https://youtu.be/U1sPViBXQEE      … Read More

Take it Easy, 30 minute at home stretch | Gentle Beginners Yoga post image

https://youtu.be/5ypY6so8JRk… Read More

Yoga Stretches Before Lifting, Full Body RELEASE post image

Use this as the perfect compliment to your workout or practice on an active rest day! https://youtu.be/8K0Aq2BbDGU… Read More

The Grazers Guide: Snacks!

The Grazers Guide: Snacks! post image

Snacking or "grazing" has always been my eating style.  I enjoy little meals throughout the day to stay energized and focused and of course to keep my metabolism active.  Many people can relate to the desire to "graze" during the day and I am going to share some of my personal favorite healthy meals and… Read More