30 Minute Vinyasa Flow for Strength and Flexibility post image

Empowering flowing vinyasa class to cultivate strength and flexibility. Deepen your Yoga practice from home. https://youtu.be/aMZuntieVTA… Read More

Yoga for Gratitude

Yoga for Gratitude post image

Enjoy this short & sweet video to cultivate gratitude! It is important time of year to slow down, look around, and remind yourself of all you have to be grateful for! Cultivate gratitude into your day with these powerful yoga postures, heat openers, and flow into a still calm mind to focus on the present… Read More

Energizing Morning Yoga Flow

Energizing Morning Yoga Flow post image

Start your day with this energizing morning yoga flow to get the juices flowing! This 20 minute express class with leave you feeling centered, focused and excited for the day ahead! Move through postures with breath for a full body workout! https://youtu.be/kHkqbGaG1sI    … Read More

20 Minute Vinyasa Yoga!

20 Minute Vinyasa Yoga! post image

This 20 minute Vinyasa is the PERFECT way to fit your practice in on those days where you feel you just don't have enough time! I was inspired to create this and other upcoming videos by my amazing yogi students (who express their frustrations when they miss class due to a busy hectic day) and… Read More

10 Minute Full Body Workout

10 Minute Full Body Workout post image

Not everyone is able to go to a gym so I wanted to share a quick 10 minute full body workout you can complete at home.  Days that my gym is closed I still want to do something beneficial for my health.  This is one of my personal routines I complete on a busy day.  If… Read More


Triceps post image

http://youtu.be/H1IOSHHrhTg  … Read More

Quick Tip for Lower Abs!

Quick Tip for Lower Abs! post image

http://youtu.be/i3xLHoQ2rpI… Read More