Interview with Carla Orsi

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I have known Carla for years and recently when reconnecting with her in Florida I learned a lot about her drive and determination as a hair stylist and make-up artist.  Beyond that I was surprised to learn about many challenges she had faced since moving to a new state, learning about and struggling with a… Read More

Interview with Rachel Baran

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I was introduced to Rachels work by chance on Facebook.  It was clear her photography was a labor of love and a passion that greatly qualified her as someone I found to be inspiring, and of course, young and ambitious.  I am excited to introduce her to those who do not know her work as… Read More

Interview with Samantha Gagnon

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1. Describe the company you work for and what it is that you do. I am the Vice President and Co-Founder of Hood Clothing Inc. Hood Clothing Inc. is a brand inspired by the artwork of my father, Rene Gagnon. I had always been a strong supporter of my father's artwork and when I graduated… Read More

Interview with Bekah Berger

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Interview with  Bekah Berger: 1. Share what it is that you do. I am the mid-day personality for Hot 106 in Providence.  You can hear me weekdays (and Saturdays!) from 10a-2p.  I am also the promotions & marketing director for the station. 2. What accomplishments are you most proud of, thus far? I am really proud… Read More

Bobby Colombi Interview

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Interview with Bobby Colombi: I met Bobby while attending college at the University of Rhode Island.  As a peer, and a fan, I always admired not only his talent but his ability to put himself out there in order to pursue what he is passionate about.  That being said he was an obvious choice for me… Read More

Susie Jetta Interview

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Interview with Susie Jetta: I met Susie a few months back while I was meeting with a mutual friend.  She was working as a bartender at a restaurant in South Florida and I began to learn about her passion for photography and make-up.  I was able to become a fan of her creative work through… Read More

Elise Francesca Interview

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Talent and Ambition: Interview with Elise Francesca. I was lucky enough to meet Elise this summer when she was visiting a beach club I had been working at.  After being introduced to her and having a chance to see some of her work and wonderful designs I instantly became a devoted follower of her Instagram… Read More