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You spend your time working SO HARD day to day – making efforts to improve the quality of your life and the life of your loved ones, truly, doing the right thing in your career.  That is something to feel good about. Then in the same hand as we are doing something to improve our lives, it seems we are also doing something that can be harmful as we are now bombarded with the health concerns of what all that sitting is doing to our bodies. I have even heard rumblings that sitting for too long is “worse” than smoking cigarettes … WORSE! ** mind blown **

According to mayoclinic sitting for long periods of time ( like lets say 40 hrs a week at a 9-5) has health concerns including obesity, increased blood pressure and more, and what is even more alarming is an article on business insider listed “14 Horrible Things That can Happen if you Sit at a Desk for Too Long” that quite terrifyingly include increased incidence of cancer and and risk of heart disease also increases.

Beyond all of that are the day to day discomforts within the body that we can feel. Strained neck and shoulders, tight hips, poor posture, and in general all over soreness.  Take time each day to care for your body just as much as you care for your job – counteract the sitting posture to help the stiff muscles and allow yourself a little relief day to day.  I am certainly not a doctor and cannot say with absolute authority what sitting coupled with exercise will or will not do but I venture to say that if sitting is so bad moving must be so good. Take advantage of your lunch break to go for a walk, stretch at your desk, and stay active when you are not at work.

As a great way to kick-start that active lifestyle and ward off those pesky body pains I wanted to offer this FREE “Yoga for the Desk Dweller” class to stretch and move into all the kinks to counteract your typical days postures (and improve that posture overall.) Give it a try and leave a comment on the video to let me know your thoughts.  To stay tuned for more FREE Yoga – subscribe to my channel! 🙂

And remember keep it MOVING!

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