Elise Francesca Interview

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Talent and Ambition: Interview with Elise Francesca.

I was lucky enough to meet Elise this summer when she was visiting a beach club I had been working at.  After being introduced to her and having a chance to see some of her work and wonderful designs I instantly became a devoted follower of her Instagram.  I love seeing previews of her art and clothing and wanted to feature her as the first young and ambitious individual. Great motivation for anyone with creative goals. image.png

1.) Share what it is that you do.

I’m an artist, textile designer, and owner of a brand I started in 2011 “FRANCESCA JOY.” I also work as a licensing artist with my print designs and paintings.

2. What are your ultimate goals?

My ultimate goals, long term-

As an artist- of whatever form of art that may be- you strive daily to create something that lasts and gives back. Risky and true to who I am, what you make out of your life-whatever your career path may be, you have to give back. What you offer to your world and your generation, giving something, giving what you have is what ultimately shapes our world. Your form of work can make the world a better place. Fashion is no-doubt a selfish industry, but it’s the way you go about re-defining the veins of your particular industry. Can my art make people see things in a new way? Can my passion inspire someone?

Short term- Francesca Joy has grown into an exciting brand within the context of a young, and new market. We’ve went from Palm Beach custom bags to a full-blown Sorority line, frocket line, and nautical casual wear line in less than 3 years. I would like my prints and designs to be licensed to even more brands this year, so FJ prints can be on everything from shower curtains to decals.

3.) What accomplishments are you most proud of, thus far?

The accomplishments I’m proud of thus far would be my customers satisfaction. I’ve been recognized by publications (Boca Mag, Luxist and AOL.com, galleries in Chelsea, NY/London/and  Miami) but the most accomplished  I feel is when a customer receives his or her hand-painted bag and tells me how much they love it and how meaningful the bag is to them. Being able to take their ideas and execute. Most of my customers are ordering gifts, and gifting friends and family with a bag of a map of a place that has meaning to their family- whether it’s a honeymoon or a family beach house- it’s nice to see how sentimental people are, and that in a world of Instant everything- people still value one another and the ties that bound them together from the start- like their favorite hotel, a place they got engaged at, an island their child was born- it’s endless, and very satisfying to see.

4.) What or who inspires you?

Travel, vintage books, people in general. Designers and artists like McQueen, Ed Ruscha, Nicole Miller, Kelly Wearstler, Jeff Koons, Peter Max, and Kaffe Fassett to name a few. Their use of color, detail, story telling, and risks really inspire me. Stores like Just One Eye in Los Angeles is like a gallery but full of the most amazing, artistic clothing and designers.

5.) What keeps you motivated? 

My biggest motivator is pretty simple- when success is your only option, you will be surprised at how far you will go. When it’s you that you are following you have to push even harder. I had no hand-outs, and still deal with the cards dealt to me and make it work as best as I can.

6.) What is your favorite quote?

Favorite quote: “If you end up with a boring, miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.”-  Frank Zappa

7.) What are you working on now? 

Right now I’m working on resort and summer prints for 2014.  I’m really excited about them!

8.) FINALLY, since Allure and Cure embraces life’s guilty pleasures,

What is YOUR guilty pleasure?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! I love them all, and follow them on any social network possible to keep up with their lives!!


For more about the talented artist you can view Elise Francesca’s folder here.

Be sure to like her fan page on Facebook!




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