Finding time for what matters

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It has certainly been a while since I have posted anything here! Moving to New York City (along with what seems like nearly every other 20-something) I have devoted my time to settling in and getting used to my new job and city life.  With that I have been prioritizing my life in order to become accustomed to my new schedule, learn about my new city, and figure out how to balance everything that is important to me.  I am finally finding that perfect balance and have come back to Allure and Cure to even the scale of all that  matters in my life, right now.  That being said one of the most important aspects of my life is health and fitness.  Anyone in their early 20’s can agree that at this stage we are constantly working hard, striving toward a successful future in an effort to become our best selves. Often excuses are made to not take time out of the day to really care for our minds and bodies in order to also strive towards a healthy future. Without health we really have nothing.  All too frequently I hear peers who want to “get in shape,” “loose weight” or simply work out more complaining that they “do not have enough time.”

We always make time for what matters….

Working 9-6 Monday through Friday, sure maybe we do not have to be in the gym two hours a day. That is not necessary though! Quality over quantity. Set a goal for yourself when starting to be there 3 or 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes! There is always time to make a small change.

I personally LOVE to exercise during my lunch break.  Most individuals are given an hour for break. USE IT! You can eat lunch at your desk! Using that hour to get to the gym and complete a solid 20-30 minute workout not only improves my overall health but gives me that burst of energy I need mid-day to keep me going! I find when I go to the gym during break I am far more focused and productive for the remainder of the day.  Bonus: when break is over I still have my lunch to look forward to enjoying while I work.  Win, win!

Recently I did this quick leg workout during break and it took up just enough time for me to not go over my hour!

3 set of 10 deep squats

3 sets of 15 cable kick backs (each leg) with 5 pulses at the end of the last set

3 set of 10 deadlifts

3 sets of 10 weighted hip thrusts

Leg press to failure

and Back To Work!

So wake up extra early and do some fasted cardio before work, enjoy an endorphin boosting break to yourself, (maybe both if you are feeling extra ambitious) or head straight to the gym after work and spend as long as you need! Whatever works for you and helps you find your balance!


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