Healthy Breakfast – On the GO!

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Whether you had a late night and you want extra time to sleep in, or your determined to get to the gym super early in the morning and your stomach is not quiet ready for breakfast – this does not mean you have to substitute convenience for health! This is a budget and health conscious breakfast PERFECT for anyone who is not particularly awake in the morning and does not want to put in the effort to make a meal.  So instead of grabbing that bagel slopped in cream cheese, grab this simply delicious little egg-white treat out of your freezer!

It is very important for me to start my day right and that means having a full breakfast!  For a while if I did a morning workout I would just bring cereal with me to work and that frustrated me because I felt like this just was not nutritious enough. I found this WONDERFUL alternative – Mini Crustless Quiche.  I  will make mini crustless quiche, freeze them, and enjoy them at my desk on my busy mornings! (With my usual cinnamon raison toast. I am a creature of habit!)

It is so simple to prepare ahead of time and just pop out of the freezer, microwave for 2 minutes on high, and insta-breakfast! (Our culture of instant gratification should really like this.) Your egg whites for breakfast, fast and easy.  I also add a small amount of shredded spinach.


Here is how it is done: (I prepared 4 mini quiche, 2 per day for my 2 morning workouts this week.)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Lightly spray baking sheet with nonstick spray

Fill the tin with the number of quiche you would like


Add in any veggies or shredded cheese


Bake in oven for about 20 minutes or until lightly browned (you should be able to stick a fork/knife in the center and it will come out clean.)


CONFESSION TIME: This batch of mine was a little overdone.  I was a TAD invested in Vanderpump Rules and totally forgot they were in the oven.  Lesson learned: time everything!


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