Honesty Hour

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Honesty hour… I am an OLD soul.  I am not here to get all spiritual (for once) or explain how the moon and the stars line up to sprinkle fairy dust and laaa deeee daaaa and thats why I am the way I am…. because although I believe in all of that and believe we are all connected and everything in the Universe effects us, right now, in this moment, I can’t explain it, I can just tell you, again, I am an OLD soul, and you know how I know? Well how about I tell you about my most recent discovery into old-soul-ness that terrified and delighted me.

I will just come out and say it. I discovered when driving (alone) I genuinely prefer listening to books than music. I know I know.  Serious nerd alert.  Not to mention until now I did not think anyone under the age of 60 would do this so I am judging myself more than enough for any of the readers out there.

It all started when my Dad gave me Bethany Frankel’s audio of “Skinny Girl Solutions.”  He knows that I am very much into health and nutrition, as well as a devoted Housewives fan (all seasons, all cities, all the TIME!) and it reminded him of me so he figured he would grab it along with his other purchases.

As he handed it to me I raised my eyebrow at him laughing “What the hell am I going to do with this.” (so bitchy – I know. I am ashamed.)

After letting it sit on my shelf for months I finally decided that one of these days while I have a long commute I will listen to one of the chapters from the audio and just see what it is all about. I found myself listening to one, then another, then another, until it was over and I was left bored and alone in my car with the just the radio. (I am sorry Justin Bieber, it’s not you, its me.) Although much of the book did not apply to me because she discussed being a Mom often, I found it very peaceful to listen to and at the same time it made my drives much more productive because I was actually learning little things and picking up on some useful tips and tricks for food, health, hosting and business. It was truly very interesting and fun.  Bethenny’s style of writing, and her written “voice” in her book is just that, Bethenny. Although it is not read by her you can still hear that Bethenny authenticity. (And if you watch the New York Housewives you know what I mean.) She is relatable, funny, and a bit biting and witty, which gives some otherwise dull topics a little spice! (If this has peaked your interest the audio is available here.)


I am now committed to finding more books in similar categories.  Honestly, I have no desire to listen to a novel or fictional story. I actually genuinely prefer reading those types of books; but books relating to building a business, health and nutrition, or books reminiscent to The Secret (one of my favorites) would be ideal for a long or short drive any day! I will leave the music to the dancing and wine induced singing with friends. The car has just become another place for me to immerse myself in my obsessive, insatiable to desire to know more.

Moreover, I truly wanted to share this because I am sure I am not the only one who has to be in the car a lot for work, errands etc. and has found it increasingly boring. I got to a point where I was tired of all of my music and anything on the radio.  If you find yourself in a similar circumstance I shared this in hopes of inspiring you to give it a try too, and hopefully I will help make someones drive a little better.  Find a book on audio on a subject that interests you (spirituality, law of attraction, sports, poker, business and finance, history, fashion) whatever it is! You might just LOVE it and finally feel like driving is not a waste of time but a productive few moments of solidarity and learning.

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