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Sometimes it is hard to get started.  Most days I am eager to go to the gym and am able to self-motivate through a tough workout. For some reason, whether it be the gloomy-rainy weather, the pending holiday celebrations, or any stresses of the years end, I was dreading leaving my home to go workout.  With this being so uncharacteristic of me, instead of pushing and forcing myself to go right away I realized I needed time to focus my peace of mind.

On days that I am not feeling myself and not in my usual energetic active mood, I respect what my body is telling me. I take time to devote to my personal, internal well-being, instead of my physical well being at the gym.  Everyone has these days and I have a plan of attack to make the most of these moments so you can return in full swing to an even better self the next day.

First and foremost I do a 10 minute full body stretch. This relieves any tension I may have built up in my body holding me back from an active day.  I quiet my mind and just focus on the stretch in every part of my self from my neck to my toes.  Afterward I have a full glass of water.  My body instantly feels much more limber and alive.

Next, I will sit down and complete at least 10 minutes of silent mediation. The best way to mediate for beginners is to close your eyes, silence your thoughts, and focus on one part of your body.  Focus all your thoughts on that part of your body, how it feels, how its rises and falls with each breath, etc.  This will allow any thoughts previously holding you back to float away.


Finally, a nice hot shower with a home made exfoliation scrub.  I combine coffee grounds, honey, and a small amount of warm water in a bowl, stir it, and use it as my full body scrub.  The caffeine energizes and recharges your body!


I feel so alive, clear-minded, and excited for the rest of my day when I complete these tasks.  Once in a while you just need to take your time with your day and just focus solely on yourself and your overall well-being.  Mostly a day like this does happen at the beginning of the week and this ritual allows the rest of the week to be productive, full, and positive.  Now you can achieve anything!

unnamedI have been practicing some yoga and making progress with my scorpion pose. 

Important must haves: flexibility, a clear focused mind, (improved through what I described in post) and a strong core. Suggestions here.

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  • Joe Bagori December 23, 2013, 8:55 pm

    Good advice, will keep on file.

  • Maureen December 24, 2013, 1:53 am

    Excellent article, I will need to modify it just slightly……some great ideas!

  • elizabeth clarke April 10, 2014, 9:25 pm

    good advice. I felt motivated just reading the article.


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