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WOW! What a BLAST it was hosting the 10 Day Yoga Detox challenge with @Sessionswithstessie on Instagram.  A big CONGRATS to our winner of the Royalty Rags Clothing $50 gift card, Samantha Vargas. Everyone did such an amazing job! It was such a joy to see what you shared in your practice each day!

For any of you who missed it or do not have Instagram, here is the sequence of 10 poses you can practice right at home to twist and stretch to a healthier self, detoxifying and deepening your practice!

So break out the mat and get ready to DETOX!

Easy Seated with side bend

As we begin to prepare for our Detox we start with an Easy Seated pose with a side bend (each side.) Sit up tall with your legs crossed and begin to connect with your breath. Visualize your body preparing to remove any unwanted sludge that could slow you down. With an inhale start to raise your left arm over your head, reaching straight over your ear, with your palm facing right. Gently begin to slide your right arm to the right as you bend towards it until your right forearm is relaxed on the floor. Be sure to keep you heart open towards the ceiling and gaze up at your left hand. Take 5 deep inhales and exhales here. (Repeat on the other side.)
Benefits: opens up the side body in preparation for the practice.

Seated Twist


From easy seated stretch your legs straight out in front of you. Bring the heel of the right foot outside of the left thigh so the right knee is pointed towards the ceiling and gently bend at the knee of the left leg bringing the heel of the left foot to relax by your right hip. With an inhale lengthen up through the spine and exhale twisting towards the right hugging the right leg with your left arm into your chest or bringing the elbow outside of the knee. Place the right palm into the floor by your glutes and twist gazing over the back shoulder keeping the chin parallel to the floor. Repeat on both sides!

Benefits: Cleansing and nourishing for the body. Massages and stimulates the abdominal area assisting in circulation and digestion. Stimulates the lymphatic system aiding in the release of toxins from the body.

Wide Legged Forward Bend


With ease make your way to mountain pose at the center of the mat and bring yourself to a wide stance. Engage your thigh muscles and inhale to lift the chest. Hinging from the hips exhale and fold forward. Release your hands to the mat and if your flexibility permits begin to walk your hands back to draw your stretch deeper.
Benefits: Stimulates abdominal organs and improves digestion.

Three Legged-Dog

Inhale deep into the belly as you walk your hands to the right until you’ve fully framed the right foot.  Exhale and gently fold over. Shift both feet to face forward and step the front leg back into your down dog. Exhale and lift the hips to the sky folding the chest towards the thighs and relaxing the chin to the chest as you gaze at your belly. With a strong inhale lift your right leg straight up and high behind you keeping the shoulders and hips square towards the mat. Stay here for 5 full breaths. (Repeat for the left leg.)
Benefits: Encourages blood flow throughout the body moving fluid to the lymph nodes aiding the the bodies natural detoxification process. Also a relaxing pose stretching through the body and easing the mind.

Chair Twist


From your down dog inhale up into your toes, bend your knees, gaze forward at your fingers and gently hop up to meet your hands and exhale forward fold.  (Option also to gently walk up to meet your hands.) On your inhale sweep the floor with your hands while dropping the tailbone and rising up into your chair pose. Bring your hands to prayer and fold over your thighs. On an exhale twist from your core bringing your left elbow outside your right thigh while also pushing your palms firmly together. Make sure one knee isn’t popping out past the other and try to sit deep into this position!
Benefits: Improves spinal health while also stimulating the liver, spleen and digestive system!

Bow Pose

From your revolved chair exhale as you forward fold and release. Inhale into a flat back and maintain that inhale as you hop back to plank. Exhale and lower all the way down to the ground releasing your arms by your sides, palms facing up. From lying position bend at the knees bringing your heels to your glutes and grabbing hold of your ankles. Squeeze the knees in towards each other and exhale as you begin to lift the thighs off the floor pushing the ankles into the hands until you peel your chest off of the floor and pull your shoulder blades together behind you. You may rock back and forth a bit as you breath deep, giving your abdominal wall a massage.
Benefits: Massages abdomen and internal organs helping to improve digestion.

Bound Headstand

Release your ankles from bow and lower all the way to the ground bringing your hands beneath your shoulders push back to a table top position. Relax your forearms onto the ground, interlace your fingers with palms open and point thumbs up creating a “goal post” with your hands. Lower the hairline of your head to the mat and hold the back of your head with your hands. To prepare contract your shoulders and lift up into them. Inhale up onto your toes and using your core try to exhale and lift both legs up overhead lining over your hips. Option also to bring one leg at a time bending at the knee and then straightening up. Keep a strong core, lengthen and lift through the body, and hold for 10 breaths.
Benefits: Improves cardiovascular functioning, encourage drainage of lymph fluids helping the whole body to detox regularly, cleanses digestive system and increase digestive fire! Helps with emotional well being through and overall calmness.

L Handstand against wall


Starting in a tabletop position with your feet against the wall, lift the knees off of the floor and start walking your feet up the wall until you are in an L shape with both feet against the wall. If you’d like to lift one leg to practice traditional handstand lift through the core and lengthen.
Benefits: Strengthens arms and cores and gives sense of clarity with your head beneath your heart bring fresh oxygenated blood brain.

Seated Heart Opener


Gently come down from your handstand and into Hero Pose. Pause here to take a few deep breaths. Lean back with palms flat on the floor about a foot away, you can slide your hands in or out depending on what work for you. Press firmly into the ground & lift your chest high, arching your back. To increase the stretch. Lower your head and neck into a full arch. Breathe into your back. Return to Hero or Child’s Pose and repeat, try to take your stretch even deeper the second time!
Benefits: Lengthens the spine and helps you feel centered & full of energy! Opens and stretches the chest, neck, shoulders, and abs after our detoxifying and strenuous poses.

Supine Spinal Twist


As we come to a close, lie on your back with your feet on the floor, knees facing up. You can elevate your head with a pillow or folded blanket. Deeply inhale and elongate the spine, as you do fold your knees & lower body over to one side. Twist head in the opposite direction. Arms may be out stretched on either side, draped across your belly, or up above your head. Whatever feels best for your body. Stay here for 1 minute, gently bring your head & knees back to center, repeat on the other side.
Benefits: Calms the mind and helps to de-stress and relax. Also stretches the back & neck, and stimulates the kidneys, intestines, and abdominals.
Stay tuned because the fun isn’t over yet! We have another yoga challenge for you coming up via Instagram!!
>> NEXT CHALLENGE with NEW prizes and new chance to WIN STARTS 2/1 MARK YOUR CALENDARS
Follow @AllureandCure and @SessionswithStessie for updates coming your way.
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