Interview with Alex Thompson

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Interview with young and ambitious: Alex Thompson


1. Describe what it is that you do.

I’m a Personal Trainer. I teach people how to improve their physical fitness and adopt a healthier life style.

2. What is one of the biggest challenges you had to overcome to pursue your passion?

The biggest challenge I have had to overcome was a lower back injury (a herniated disc) that made it very hard to walk. I was in extreme pain for two years and moderate pain for eight. It took a lot of work but I have been pain free for the past year and have been using what I have learned to help others.

3. What accomplishments are you most proud of, thus far?

The accomplishment that I’m most proud of is running my personal training program for a major gym. I had 10 trainers working under me and over 75 clients enrolled in the training program. It is what gave me the confidence and the know how to go into business for myself.


4. What are your ultimate goals? Short term, Long term.

My short term goals are to build a client base here in Fort Lauderdale out of a gym that I’m renting space from now. My long term goals are to open a gym of my own one day.


5. What or who inspires you?

I have been inspired by many people over the past 10 year. Starting with the physical therapist that convinced me that with hard work and determination I could overcome my injury. She started me on my path. A very close friend of mine Misha Kohner is the one who gave me the opportunity to run the training department at Fitness 21 which led me to where I am now.

6. What keeps you motivated?

The love of fitness and the gratitude of my clients keep me motivated.

My guilty pleasure is FOOD which I’m able to indulge in (moderately) thanks to my profession.

7. What is your favorite quote?

“The things you own end up owning you” That is why I put a value on my body. If you live for material objects they will run your life. Things can be replaced, you can’t! Work for your health and well being not the thing you own.

8. What are you working on NOW? 

I’m currently working on building up my client base at a top of the line gym on Dixie Hwy called Eli’s Fitness Studio, in Oakland Park.

9. Since allure and cure embraces some guilty pleasure,

What is YOUR guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is FOOD. Which I’m able to indulge in (moderately) thanks to my profession.

10. What is your favorite way to maintain health and wellness?

My favorite way to maintain health and wellness is to keep setting new fitness goals for myself and knowing that I have a responsibility to my clients to be a health role model. I also enjoy biking the beach.



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