Interview with Robbie Maxx

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Interview with Robbie Maxx:


 1. Describe what it is that you do.

My name is Robbie Maxx and I am a Hip-Hop artist and entertainer.

2. What accomplishments are you most proud of, thus far?

My most proud accomplishments thus far include getting an LLC for my company “bxxb”, performing in front of 1200 people at a sold out Webster Hall in NYC, and more than anything seeing the progression over the last few years, fighting all the scrutiny and adversity and being in the position I am in now. I’m proud that people finally know who Robbie Maxx is! People have begun to believe!

3. What are your ultimate goals?

Short term goals include making my upcoming project the biggest project in NJ and getting on tour! Long term I want “bxxb” to become the empire I know it can be from fashion to label, turning people on to the positive, good vibe lifestyle I have been living and that everyone deserves. My goal is to feed you all possibilities of every situation, good and bad, as a learning tool and a way to get through your own problems and downs. You can overcome anything with a little “belief.”


4. What or who inspired your interest in music?

My inspiration in music has come from my team, Airplay Entertainment/bxxb.  My mentor and super producer, Keith “Mr. Wonder” Duplessis, and the crew have taught me so much about the industry and have helped me find me in the process.

5.What keeps you motivated?

My family keeps me motivated! Things aren’t easy nowadays and I want nothing more than to give them a comfortable, less stressful life.  I take pride in knowing I can make that possible, and I WILL!

6. What is your favorite quote?

“Emancipate from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind” – Bob Marley

7. What are you working on NOW? 

Right now I am working on my “Untitled” mixtape and EP.  I just dropped my new single “The Intro” on iTunes and released a video for it. I plan on following this up with more new music and visuals leading up to a hopeful Spring, maybe Summer release!

8. Since allure and cure embraces some guilty pleasure,

What is YOUR guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure has to be Pizza! I am Addicted! Sex and Pizza! That’s it! I am more than happy with those two things and making my music!


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