Ischia, Pompeii and Rome

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To say this was the trip of a lifetime would be an understatement.  The week leading up to our departure from Boston Logan International Airport I could hardly sleep because the time had finally come, I was getting to visit Italy. I would finally experience the culture, the views, the FOOD and see the land where my family descends from.  Not only was I getting to experience this, but I would be there with my Grandparents, my parents, and one of my older sisters. Some had been before and it was great to have their experience of traveling to these destinations. Also, as a grown woman I could really appreciate how spectacular and special of an opportunity this was and truly enjoy the rare family time we were all able to enjoy together.

Our first 6 days were spent on the beautiful island of Ischia.  This is where the Italian half of my family is from and being there really felt right. I could truly feel the energy of the surroundings and being there with the understanding that this land, right here where I am STANDING, is where my blood stems from further enforced my understanding of why I am such a beach girl, foodie, and wine-o!



Firstly, the food, the wine and the views… combined all at once!


I had expected the food to be better but was truly blown away.  The freshest fish and most mouthwatering pasta dishes all made gluten free special for me! In Italy they are extremely conscious of this allergy and with the statement “il sono celiaco,” you will be very well taken care of.

I took care to be as present and mindful as possible in every moment and consciously took bites (and pictures) and savored each bite while gazing at the views doing my best to take in as many sensory experiences as I could to take home with me and remember just closing my eyes anywhere in the future!


This same day we also visited the Natural Hot Springs.  If you visit Ischia this is a must see! The Sorgeto Hot Springs are like a natural jacuzzi in a dreamy little cove created by the island’s underground volcanic activity coming up and naturally heating the rock pools.


After enjoying the ebbs and flows of the warmth and natural cooling my sister and I went up to the restaurant and enjoyed this EVER so refreshing vodka infused lime sorbet.



Another must see on the island was the Aragonese Castle. Touring this massive medieval castle was like stepping into a fairytale!



I also celebrated my 25th birthday on this trip and the dinner was spectacular.  Absolutely mouthwatering and fresh from first course to desert, enjoyed with refreshing prosecco, delicious red wine, and the perfect view of the Aragonese Castle.

13062476_10156764217355401_5198779600622708965_nHAPPILY indulging and enjoying.


Gelato to DIE for


Yoga everywhere.


We ended our trip in Rome, along the way stopping to visit Pompeii.  This was another spectacular tour and we were lucky enough to have a very knowledgable and fun tour guide here!


Finally in Rome delving into the sights of the deeply historic and iconic places like The Vatican and the profound beauty of the Sistine Chapel that completely took my breath away.  Seeing the Colosseum in person and even the Trevi Fountain.  All remarkable and exciting in their own ways.



Since photos are not allowed inside the Sistine Chapel I am including the below from the web:


AMAZING TRIP – Italy, I love you.



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