Loving this, list

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A list of what I am LOVING right now.

1) Doughnut Plant – Holy Smokessss what a treat!

These are some truly unique delish donuts that a friend at work surprised us with. So many little food treasures to find here in NYC – this is absolutely one of them!


Mmmmm mmm good!

2) Resistance Bands

I often used these in the gym but now that I have my own I can have even more effective at home workouts and I am loving this! (Especially for when the weather warms up and I can bring my workouts to the park!)


3) Jennifer Lopez and Chrissy Teigen’s Golden Globes looks from Sunday night

Sexy, classy, flawless.  What I would do to be able to (or even have a reason to) wear these beautiful gowns!


4) … and Most OF ALL.. Bellair Laser Center!

Let’s talk hair! (And no I do not mean the hair on your head.)  Ladies, how tired are you of shaving your legs all the time? It takes up so much extra time and HEAVEN FORBID you miss a spot!  To me, shaving has always been a giant pain in the behind.  Thanks to the wonderful staff at Bellair Laser Center in NYC I am well on the road to not having to worry about that anymore!


I just completed my second session of laser hair removal treatment on my legs on January 3rd.  I am truly so excited from the results I received this early on and I cannot wait until the day I can throw that little razor away! Simply showering will be so much quicker and oh the time it will save! Moments as simple as a last-minute decision to go to the beach this summer… no hair, no worries!

Of course before I went for my treatment I was so nervous.  Will it be painful? Will it even work? Thankfully after the recommendations from friends I made the decision to visit Bellair.  The staff there is very personable and friendly.  They always make an effort to make you feel comfortable, from remembering what you chatted about last time you visited to offering you water as soon as you enter the Center.

So ladies I highly suggest you get ready to say GOODBYE to leg hair and HELLO to permanently  smooth sexy legs!

For anyone interested in laser that may have questions for me about my experience feel free to reach out.


 My NYC readers check out Bellair Laser Center here and be sure to like there Facebook Page for promotions and deal details!

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