Loving This, List

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A list of what I am LOVING right now.

1) Each day we become so accustomed to our daily tasks that if we forget to take in each second our world can become so robotic.  Get to work, eat lunch, go home, shower, eat dinner, sleep. Repeat.  Or some routine similar.  We forget to live in the moment and practice mindfulness.  Living and working in New York City is such an amazing experience but through the hustle and bustle of every day it is easy to live life just going through the motions and not taking in all there is to see around us.  I have been taking time each day to look around me and take in where I am and I am loving this.

Taking in everything around me on my walk to work makes each morning more beautiful:


Embracing the views from the office:


Instead of making dinner and eating it in front of the TV mindlessly enjoying Bravo I have been making a point of enjoying my meal out on my new balcony taking in the place I live. Sitting peacefully and practicing mindfulness is so important in relieving the stresses of life.




2) Had a delicious brunch at Penelope. The Nutella French Toast was un-real and I am loving this.


3) Summer in the city is not quiet the same as Rhode Island by the beaches like I am used to.  I have been doing by best to take advantage of all of the sun I can get and of course it is my favorite season so I am loving this.

I have been spending a lot of time at Madison Square Park.


 Took a trip with a friend to her boat for some time on the water


Missoni Bikini

4) I have always loved going to Eataly  and indulging in some gelato and just food shopping in general. On Sunday I tried a little something new when my sister came to visit me. We went, for the first time, to the rooftop for lunch.  I ordered the lamb chops, a nice drink, enjoyed the warm weather, and it turns out I am loving this too!


 Clearly this came after some major retail therapy.


5) Going back to Rhode Island for a weekend where I grew up I had expected the usual, (which of course I still enjoy.) However, I was pleasantly surprised with a little something new in a little something old when I heard we were attending a Polo match in Newport.



H&M Dress

6) Finally, a little something old, in a little something old.  New England ClamCakes and Chowder is the epitome of summer to a Rhode Islander and I will always be loving this.


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