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A major part of my over-all well-being and passion is not just pushing myself in the gym.  To maintain a healthy body one must also have a healthy mind!  That “zen” feeling of ultimate happiness and peace.  There are many books and practices of how to master meditation, positive thinking, so forth, and I am still on my journey to learning about meditation  and the like but I have already seen a positive change in my attitude and view of the world.

I have to communicate how strongly I believe in meditation and what it can do for your entire life.  It is a constant practice and I am always open to learning more about it.  For those interested in trying meditation there are many Apps you can download and youtube videos with guided meditation.  They are very useful when my mind is overly crowded with thoughts from the day and I need a helping hand in silencing those to just be in the moment.

Similar to meditation is practicing gratitude in every moment of your life! Saying thank you for all you have. Start simply.  At night before you go to bed list all of the things you are thankful for.  Or before you eat breakfast in the morning say thank you for the wonderful food you are able to enjoy.  You will be amazed how these little acts will brighten your entire day!  The world feels so amazing and vibrant when you take the time to mediate and practice gratitude.

I am also making it my mission to practice yoga once a week.  With all the weight lifting I do I need something that is good for my mind and body all at once! My muscles get so tight and tense and I believe yoga will help loosen the tension in my body, lengthen my muscles and just promote overall well-being.  While I have done yoga a handful of times I am determined to become an avid yogi this year!  My muscles really need that stretch at least once a week and I know I will also be further strengthening my mind and body at the same time! (Hopefully I can hold true to this goal!)



Some of the positive effects of meditation include:

1) Overall sense of peace and happiness

2) The ability to be in the moment

3) Reduced anxiety

4) Enhances energy

5) Promotes focus

6) Decreases restless thinking

7) Increases self-awareness

8) Believed to manage symptoms of many illnesses


Moreover it is certainly something worth trying because everyone deals with stressful situations in life and if you allow yourself to be open to it, meditation is a truly beneficial way to focus on what matters and how to handle each moment, in the moment!


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