My First True Love

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There is nothing that can replace your first true love.  That first love will always be a part of your life, and will make a lasting impression.  I know this, because I still obsess over my first love each day, and that love is shoes.  I truly understand that I will never have enough pairs of  shoes.  For as long as I can remember, the shoes I wear have been the most important part of my outfit.  Shoes can make or break any ensemble.

Most memories of my earliest shopping trips with my mother consisted of a pint- sized me begging for an extravagant pair of shoes that caught my eye in a store window and my mother explaining that those shoes were “too mature.”  I quickly realized that as a fashionable second grader I would have to settle for more age appropriate heels to fulfill my desires, because heels were my true passion. I found comfort in wearing 2 inch chunky heeled boots nearly everyday while owning the halls of my elementary school. As the years went on, I consistently upgraded to bigger and better things.  A heel worth having must be at least 4 inches high.

Although I feel very content with my obvious shoe obsession, many see it as a negative habit. Often times I have been told that walking around in shoes with such a tall heel will leave me with back and legs problems when I am older. Realistically, is it really such a bad thing?  I think not.  Maybe I will need to incorporate some more spinal stretches in my day; totally worth the sacrifice.

The right pair of heels is my one true love, weakness, passion.  Every person needs that something to indulge in that brightens a bad day.  Finding a beautiful shoe to add to my collection eases any stresses of life and allows for that inspiration to work hard so I can go out and wear those shoes!  From flashy strappy stilettos, round toed pumps, and thigh high, sky high heels, whatever shoe I wear ignites my persona for the night, adding a certain edge to each step I take.

The right shoe has personality and class all in one.  That summer sandal placed delicately on the shelf of my favorite shoe store speaks to me with a whisper, painting a picture of the adventures I will have donning them with the perfectly coordinated outfit, my well pedicured toes highlighted by their shiny tan straps. Passersby’s admire them (with slight envy) as I enjoy an outdoor lunch by the beach with friends.  Snap, back to reality, yes I must have those shoes!

My dark denim blue skinny jeans paired with a white blouse can be taken from daytime shopping trip, to a late night dinner all with a simple shoe change (and maybe some accessories too.)  The right fabulous heel that makes a statement can dress up any “every day” casual outfit.  That’s the magic of shoes.

Whatever it may be that brings joy, excitement, and imagination into ones life must be cherished and earned.  The slight guilt I feel spending my hard-earned checks on shoes is quickly overshadowed by the instant smile that comes along with my obsession.  So take a moment to find what speaks to your inner bliss and take an even longer moment to indulge and boast with pride, YES, I LOVE ________.


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