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WELCOME BACK to the real world from Memorial Day Weekend.  If social media is a good indication of how it was spent by most, (and it usually is,) there was three days of drinking, barbeques’, and a little too much of, well, everything.  Many of us allow excuses of poor diet choices like “it’s MDW! I can have extra X,Y, and Z.” and for those reasons I know many of us are dealing with the guilty aftermath of our over indulgences. I wanted to share this little knowledge as  a gift for a healthy and effective way to get back on track!


Amanda Bucci’s E-Book “The Everything Guide to Macro Tracking” is filled with answers to diet questions many of us have been curious about for so long.  As one of my favorite “fitsporations” out there, (her Instagram is a must follow @AmandaBucciFit) and fellow Rhode Island grown girl,  I knew I had to check out her e-book.  It truly takes the hassle out of trying to research and sort through all of the overload of information out there and just focuses on the what we really want to know.  For many of us IIFYM and flexible dieting seems very complicated and nearly impossible.  This quick and thorough read really breaks down the specifics of it all in a direct and more importantly understandable manner.  While Amanda is a bikini competitor she is aware in her writing that not everyone has the same goal and how to shape flexible dieting to meet your individual needs and lifestyle.

She is truly an inspiration and very relatable in this book elaborating on her background and road to gaining this wonderful knowledge. Not only does this book explain how to track your macros, breaking down exactly what each “macro” is, but also stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and relationship with food.

Anyone looking to get back on track after this weekend of celebrations, or even if you just want to learn more about IIFYM and healthy eating habits, I highly recommend purchasing a copy of her EBOOK here

For more on Amanda Bucci Fitness be sure to check out Facebook page

And her “Young & Ambitious” interview with Allure & Cure : here

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