Start each day with a grateful heart

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Start each day with a grateful heart.  Such a simple concept.  “Attitude of gratitude,” as many of us have come to know it.  Simple, but powerful.  Why then, is it sometimes so tough to do?  For me, when I am not in control of my day and my schedule for the week or in some circumstances even the month ahead is not clear I can fall off track of that peace of mind.  I can begin to come untangled, frustrated, or anxious. Then I start to think of all that I preach, like this concept, positive thinking, meditation, and that only further frustrates me because I KNOW the right steps to take to get myself back on track but have moments or a day here and there when I cannot.  Since I am such a believer in the power of thoughts and actions in the world, when I personally am not aligning with my beliefs it can lead to further criticism of myself. What I have come to learn is I cannot expect myself to have perfect thoughts all of the time. (YET)  I am on the road seeking enlightenment, that does not mean I have reached it. (I will be sure to update if I ever find myself levitating.)  Most people spend most of their lives on the path but reaching full enlightenment can be a pretty daunting task if you approach it with too many expectations.  So first I say to anyone who has found themselves in a similar circumstance, do not beat yourself up for being human and having a bad day.  Do your best to wake up the next morning thinking of what you are grateful for.  Something small:


Above all else, be proud that you are trying.  Simply the awareness of the magic of life is a beautiful step in the right direction.  Spread love everywhere you go and to everyone you meet, including yourself.  If you treat yourself with the same patience and understanding you treat others I find a lot of “pressure” starts to drift away.  In truth, most pressure we feel day to day comes from ourselves. 

So when you wake up think thankful thoughts.

As I am writing this I can say I have MANY things to be thankful for but one of which is having had the opportunity to live in this amazing city.



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