You spend your time working SO HARD day to day - making efforts to improve the quality of your life and the life of your loved ones, truly, doing the right thing in your career.  That is something to feel good about. Then in the same hand as we are doing something to improve our lives, it seems we are… Read More

Enjoy this  Slow Flow to ease into the day. Starting with gentle postures which will work to wake up the joints and your entire body finally ending and a standing pose to move into your day full of peace, harmony, and comfort throughout the mind and body. Perfect way to start the day no matter… Read More

Empowering flowing vinyasa class to cultivate strength and flexibility. Deepen your Yoga practice from home.… Read More

Energizing Morning Yoga Flow

Start your day with this energizing morning yoga flow to get the juices flowing! This 20 minute express class with leave you feeling centered, focused and excited for the day ahead! Move through postures with breath for a full body workout!    … Read More

Summer Hair is in the Air

I have eagerly awaited the approaching summer season since..... September. (Yea, not sure why I live in the North East sometimes.)  Sun kissed skin, long beach days with my toes in the sand, drinks by the ocean, Yoga outside in the fresh air, and Balayage! Truly, Balayage is another NEW reason I LOVE summer because… Read More

WOW! What a BLAST it was hosting the 10 Day Yoga Detox challenge with @Sessionswithstessie on Instagram.  A big CONGRATS to our winner of the Royalty Rags Clothing $50 gift card, Samantha Vargas. Everyone did such an amazing job! It was such a joy to see what you shared in your practice each day! For… Read More

Start each day with a grateful heart

  Start each day with a grateful heart.  Such a simple concept.  "Attitude of gratitude," as many of us have come to know it.  Simple, but powerful.  Why then, is it sometimes so tough to do?  For me, when I am not in control of my day and my schedule for the week or in… Read More