Zucchini Cookies

After reading this article I was inspired to try my hand at a batch of Zucchini cookies celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak mentions his wife makes. Baking can be so therapeutic and I just LOVE how it makes my apartment smell so good. For my first try at Zucchini cookies I opted to not go out buying… Read More

Homemade Ice-Cream!

That is right, and we can make ice-cream at home with just one simple ingredient... bananas. Banana is one of my favorite fruits and recently I was a little greedy and bought too many! After a bundle started to go bad I decided to research recipes for over-ripe bananas.  During my hunt for the perfect new treat to… Read More

Weekend Reflection

What stood out to me this week: 1) Sephora is closed, you ran out of your best eye-shadow, and your meeting friends for drinks? Well soon that may not be a problem: print your make-up! 2) The 17 top selling Trader Joe's products I am now on a mission to try. 3) So excited to try these… Read More