DRESS it up

I was trying to decide on a dress for todays post, but how do I pick just ONE? It is like an age old problem of not knowing what to wear, but online…not knowing WHAT to post! Feeling overly eager about all three of these dresses found at RGE I decided better TOO MUCH then… Read More

Laid Back Punk Jumpsuit

Laid back look with a touch of edge. This relaxed Palazzo jumpsuit during the chilly early spring days goes well with a light military jacket.  This RGE jacket adds that extra appealing edge to an otherwise casual look. I am usually one to be drawn to simplicity and the belief that less is more, however… Read More

Foxy Fur

With February drawing to a close we are reaching our last chances to wear our favorite furs.  A fur collar can make any ensemble, from a nice pant, to jean leggings, look glamorous.  The extra embroidery and blue leather of this jacket gives it that something so I can wear it with nearly any look.  I… Read More