Dynamic flow concentrating on sculpting and strengthening your arms! https://youtu.be/2l9emlymKVc… Read More

The No Time to Workout, WORKOUT | 15 Minute Strength & Cardi-YOGA Flow to fit PERFECTLY into your busy day - whether you are a Mom raising young children, a 9-5er with lots of errands or just PLAIN BUSY! Break a sweat FAST, boosting your metabolism and sculpting long lean muscle, to keep your body… Read More

Start your morning right

On one of those early mornings when I am feeling ambitious I like to start my day ┬áthis way: 20 minutes of fasted cardio 1 minute plank 10 swivel plank 20 crunches 20 table top crunches 10 bicycle crunch (each side) 20 reverse crunches Mountain climbers: 30 seconds (Take a 30 second to 1 minute… Read More