Christmas Looks

Christmas celebrations with family calls for good times, laughs, and lots of food. While, in my family, we like to dress well for these occasions, comfort is also key.  I absolutely love the chicness and simplicity of this look. The right skinny jeans are perfect for an ensemble that can be dressed up but also allow for… Read More

Pretty in Pleats

Pinks and pretty blouses are perfect for April apparel.  This pink pleated skirt was on my wish list (previously mentioned, here) creating that  feminine sweetheart look. The brightness of a spring day is always well paired with a bright outfit and an even brighter smile. The warmer the weather becomes the more I will be smiling… Read More

Yoga Bands and Bends

Yoga is one of the most wonderful workouts one can do to strengthen the mind/body connection.  Different yoga styles can tone the body, relax the mind, and leave you feeling limber and alive.  I love having an opportunity to stretch and loosen up at my own pace during a hectic week.  With the weather improving… Read More

Spring in Pink

Spring is here and we are starting to see signs of a beautiful new season blossom all around.  Each day is warming up, the sun in shining, and the color pink is popping up all over the place. (And not just on Wednesdays.) We've seen stars like Jennifer Lopez and Adriana Lima daring to rock… Read More

DRESS it up

I was trying to decide on a dress for todays post, but how do I pick just ONE? It is like an age old problem of not knowing what to wear, but online…not knowing WHAT to post! Feeling overly eager about all three of these dresses found at RGE I decided better TOO MUCH then… Read More

Laid Back Punk Jumpsuit

Laid back look with a touch of edge. This relaxed Palazzo jumpsuit during the chilly early spring days goes well with a light military jacket.  This RGE jacket adds that extra appealing edge to an otherwise casual look. I am usually one to be drawn to simplicity and the belief that less is more, however… Read More

Snuggled up Sweaters

This freezing day in Rhode Island makes me want to bundle up in my favorite cozy sweater all day.  I love the comfort of the perfect sweater that is reminiscent of walking around snuggled in a blanket all day.  To pick up some of these beautiful sweaters get to RGE today! It is their last… Read More