Be in LOVE with life

Recently I was trying out a new gym here in New York City. While I was there discussing the option of joining one of the trainers came over to commend me on my squat form (which is much easier to perfect when I don't go too heavy) The next day while I was there wrapping up my… Read More

Quick tip when using the seated abductor machine. To better target the glutes, sit forward in the seat holding the back as pictured: Using variations on certain machines allows different parts of the body to be worked more specifically. Try it out… Read More

Protein Pancakes, Perfected.

Protein pancakes are a great way to start your day! They include a reasonable amount of carbs to give you the energy needed to power through your day/morning workout. I have also made these as a post-workout snack. There are tons of recipes out there, so I decided to play around with a few to… Read More

Quick Core Cures

It is always an ideal time to try new moves to tone and tighten your tummy.  The more variety you add, the more areas of the core you work!  I find simply doing crunches each day is monotonous and ineffective.  I have tried many core moves that can be challenging and beneficial.  Most working women… Read More

Legs for days

Leg workouts are so important.  They make your legs leaner, sexier, and stronger.  More importantly many also target the tooshy to keep those most important cheeks lifted and round (future MILF training I like to call it!) Adding weight is extremely important and fulfilling as you find yourself getting stronger, but I want to start… Read More