Honesty Hour

Honesty hour... I am an OLD soul.  I am not here to get all spiritual (for once) or explain how the moon and the stars line up to sprinkle fairy dust and laaa deeee daaaa and thats why I am the way I am.... because although I believe in all of that and believe we… Read More

WOW! What a BLAST it was hosting the 10 Day Yoga Detox challenge with @Sessionswithstessie on Instagram.  A big CONGRATS to our winner of the Royalty Rags Clothing $50 gift card, Samantha Vargas. Everyone did such an amazing job! It was such a joy to see what you shared in your practice each day! For… Read More

10 Day Yoga Detox Challenge

Beyond excited to be teaming up with my West Coast Yoga partner and talented writer (seriously - check out her blog ) known to the Instagram world as @SessionsWithStessie for this 10 Day Yoga Detox Challenge starting tomorrow on good ol' insta! This detox challenge comes at a time when we all need it most.  Whether… Read More

Weekend Reflection

What stood out to me this week: 1) Sephora is closed, you ran out of your best eye-shadow, and your meeting friends for drinks? Well soon that may not be a problem: print your make-up! 2) The 17 top selling Trader Joe's products I am now on a mission to try. 3) So excited to try these… Read More

The highs and the lows

Lately I have been sort of obsessed with shopping on Sailor and Saint. There are so many fun, sexy items to choose from that are super affordable.  We all love to get dressed up and go out, and hate being caught in the same thing twice.  Sometimes money conscious shopping is the way to go… Read More

Fun Ideas to get ACTIVE!

http://youtu.be/U-Hu2V4tT4E     The past few weeks we had so much fun during the day trying out rock climbing and the trampoline park. Needless to say, we got A LOT of laughs out of this, and laughter is the best medicine!  … Read More