Rawxies Cookies Review

Officially introducing my new obsession to Allure and Cure. Perfect on the go vegan snack, that is also gluten free soy free AND dairy free. Allergy sufferers REJOICE! When I finally committed to my gluten free diet (and found myself feeling SO MUCH better,) I realized it was not as challenging as I feared it… Read More

WOW! What a BLAST it was hosting the 10 Day Yoga Detox challenge with @Sessionswithstessie on Instagram.  A big CONGRATS to our winner of the Royalty Rags Clothing $50 gift card, Samantha Vargas. Everyone did such an amazing job! It was such a joy to see what you shared in your practice each day! For… Read More

10 Day Yoga Detox Challenge

Beyond excited to be teaming up with my West Coast Yoga partner and talented writer (seriously - check out her blog ) known to the Instagram world as @SessionsWithStessie for this 10 Day Yoga Detox Challenge starting tomorrow on good ol' insta! This detox challenge comes at a time when we all need it most.  Whether… Read More

Wanderlust Weekend

Sharing some photos from Wanderlust in Miami a couple of weekends back with my ladies from Yoga Teacher Training.  This was such a fun trip and I met so many amazing fellow yogi's. Thank you to Ginny Bakes for hosting the trip and sending so many amazingly delicious vegan and gluten free cookies our way… Read More

Be in LOVE with life

Recently I was trying out a new gym here in New York City. While I was there discussing the option of joining one of the trainers came over to commend me on my squat form (which is much easier to perfect when I don't go too heavy) The next day while I was there wrapping up my… Read More

Healthy Breakfast – On the GO!

Whether you had a late night and you want extra time to sleep in, or your determined to get to the gym super early in the morning and your stomach is not quiet ready for breakfast - this does not mean you have to substitute convenience for health! This is a budget and health conscious… Read More

Zucchini Cookies

After reading this article I was inspired to try my hand at a batch of Zucchini cookies celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak mentions his wife makes. Baking can be so therapeutic and I just LOVE how it makes my apartment smell so good. For my first try at Zucchini cookies I opted to not go out buying… Read More