Mendays Motivation

Tom Hardy….. No big deal. Looking at these makes me want to make an emergency trip to the gym.  Have to look my best, one never knows who they might see! Eat healthy, get fit, stay lean, because you never know when this Unicorn of a man may just walk into your life.  So wipe… Read More

Ryan Gets You Running

Is anyone else obsessed with these inspirational Ryan Gosling fitness photos that have been popping up? First of all, he is perfect, second of all, so is this idea! It is so funny and fun to look at, of course. Who says men are useless? Looking at these makes me want to make an emergency… Read More

Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.

A few days ago I sat down to do one of my favorite things, find a daytime talk show to captivate my attention for an hour!  Flipping through the guide I was easily swayed to choose “Bethenny” as an avid housewife and talk show fan. BOY am I glad I did.  One of the segments… Read More

Magic Message Delivered

It is official.  Today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Channing Tatum announced they will be making a sequel to Magic Mike.  You know what that means? An amazing film? Well, no, but more of this:    And let's be honest, thats all that really matters… Read More