Start each day with a grateful heart

  Start each day with a grateful heart.  Such a simple concept.  "Attitude of gratitude," as many of us have come to know it.  Simple, but powerful.  Why then, is it sometimes so tough to do?  For me, when I am not in control of my day and my schedule for the week or in… Read More

Loving This, List

1) Each day we become so accustomed to our daily tasks that if we forget to take in each second our world can become so robotic.  Get to work, eat lunch, go home, shower, eat dinner, sleep. Repeat.  Or some routine similar.  We forget to live in the moment and practice mindfulness.  Living and working… Read More

Weekend Reflection

What stood out to me this week:   1) For anyone who has experienced a summer with no AC, (especially in a city) helpful tips!  2) The movie Frozen really changes lives. 3) New York City's new beach…. ummm yes, please! 4) Guilty pleasure pizza we can feel great about. 5) Sorry DQ, this "blizzard" is… Read More