EXCUSE the alliteration in the title, I could not resist! Fellow Beach loving yogis and fashion lovers alike.... I LOVE a new bikini arriving in the mail early June to mark the official start of a brand new BEACH season.  When you find cuties as good as the below (** AND AS INEXPENSIVE! ** ) you… Read More

Staying Cozy

In keeping with the Allure & Cure message of embracing ALL we love in life, it is time to share another fashion related post.  I truly love this floppy hat! It adds the perfect trendy touch to this casual cozy outfit.  One of my favorite looks of the season! Hat: Anthropologie, Sweater: Free People, Bag… Read More

To buy, or not to buy

Shopping can be so stressful!  You have made your way to nearly every store, bought some amazing new clothes, and spent maybe a little too much money. Oh well. Still, some inner voice is beckoning you to check out that last store.  Part of you hopes there is nothing you like because you already bought… Read More