EXCUSE the alliteration in the title, I could not resist! Fellow Beach loving yogis and fashion lovers alike.... I LOVE a new bikini arriving in the mail early June to mark the official start of a brand new BEACH season.  When you find cuties as good as the below (** AND AS INEXPENSIVE! ** ) you… Read More

Summer Hair is in the Air

I have eagerly awaited the approaching summer season since..... September. (Yea, not sure why I live in the North East sometimes.)  Sun kissed skin, long beach days with my toes in the sand, drinks by the ocean, Yoga outside in the fresh air, and Balayage! Truly, Balayage is another NEW reason I LOVE summer because… Read More

Chili Lime Salmon Salad

Nourishment packed salad with flavor to boot? Coming right up! One recipe for a zesty ChiliLime Salmon Salad perfect for lunch or dinner! (Tasty vegan option to replace the salmon in the recipe below is one serving of our favorite super grain - quinoa.) What you'll need and WHY it is so good: Baby Spinach… Read More

Summer Sippin’

The past few summers I had really been wanting to experience a wine tasting.  Although it had been on my mind I never made the plan or got a group together so it just wasn't happening.  A few weeks back my boyfriend and I were on our way to Newport for an event we heard about… Read More