Energizing Morning Yoga Flow

Start your day with this energizing morning yoga flow to get the juices flowing! This 20 minute express class with leave you feeling centered, focused and excited for the day ahead! Move through postures with breath for a full body workout! https://youtu.be/kHkqbGaG1sI    … Read More

Professional Blow Out Tutorial

Often people ask me how I blow out my hair.  I am lucky enough to have a sister who is a fabulous hair stylist and took her time to demonstrate how to blow my hair out perfectly.  Now I want to share what I have learned so anyone can style their hair easily and professionally… Read More

Legs for days

Leg workouts are so important.  They make your legs leaner, sexier, and stronger.  More importantly many also target the tooshy to keep those most important cheeks lifted and round (future MILF training I like to call it!) Adding weight is extremely important and fulfilling as you find yourself getting stronger, but I want to start… Read More