The Gluten Free Guilt Trip

“I’m sorry…” how I start most conversations with waiters lately. “I’m sorry … do you have a gluten free menu?”  Why am I so sorry, you ask? Well it is simple really.  I know all too well the stigma placed upon anyone eating gluten free.  “It’s a trend.” It's not a real allergy.” “People think… Read More


Unleash your inner RAWXSTAR with these EMPOWERING Yoga poses.  I recently teamed up with Rawxies to share an Empowering Yoga Challenge for Spring via Instagram and the winner won a tasty prize pack from Rawxies.  While the 10 day challenge may be complete there is always time to take charge and empower your day on… Read More

Zucchini Cookies

After reading this article I was inspired to try my hand at a batch of Zucchini cookies celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak mentions his wife makes. Baking can be so therapeutic and I just LOVE how it makes my apartment smell so good. For my first try at Zucchini cookies I opted to not go out buying… Read More

Tone up your Arms.

One of my favorite arm routines to tone up!  … Read More