This simple, 30-minute, yoga for beginners’ video was put together to help you get started or to help you get back to the basics. ALL levels are welcome to try out this video. Whether you’re new to Yoga and looking to learn the basic poses at your pace or a seasoned practitioner looking for a… Read More

Yoga Booty

Yoga flow focused on sculpting and shaping your lower body!      … Read More

Use this as the perfect compliment to your workout or practice on an active rest day!… Read More

Dynamic flow concentrating on sculpting and strengthening your arms!… Read More

The No Time to Workout, WORKOUT | 15 Minute Strength & Cardi-YOGA Flow to fit PERFECTLY into your busy day - whether you are a Mom raising young children, a 9-5er with lots of errands or just PLAIN BUSY! Break a sweat FAST, boosting your metabolism and sculpting long lean muscle, to keep your body… Read More

10 Minute Stretch

Enjoy this 10 minute stretch to gently work into the spaces within your body that need a little love and attention.   For more free Yoga subscribe to my YouTube channel found here!  … Read More

You spend your time working SO HARD day to day - making efforts to improve the quality of your life and the life of your loved ones, truly, doing the right thing in your career.  That is something to feel good about. Then in the same hand as we are doing something to improve our lives, it seems we are… Read More