Interview with Tyler Morgan

1. Share what it is that you do. I am a men’s physique competitor and fitness model. Men’s physique is a new division in the NPC (national physique committee) similar to body building, but where bodybuilding is more about how big you can get, men’s physique does not require extreme size, and instead focuses more on symmetry, aesthetics… Read More

Interview with Amanda Bucci

Interview with Amanda Bucci: 1. Describe what it is that you do. I'm a Bikini Competitor. In fitness competitions, there are different divisions; Bikini, figure, physique, bodybuilding, etc. They all require hard work and dedication in the gym and with your diet. For me, I lift weights 5-6 days a week and incorporate high intensity interval… Read More

Interview with Robbie Maxx

 1. Describe what it is that you do. My name is Robbie Maxx and I am a Hip-Hop artist and entertainer. 2. What accomplishments are you most proud of, thus far? My most proud accomplishments thus far include getting an LLC for my company "bxxb", performing in front of 1200 people at a sold out… Read More

Interview with Rachel Baran

I was introduced to Rachels work by chance on Facebook.  It was clear her photography was a labor of love and a passion that greatly qualified her as someone I found to be inspiring, and of course, young and ambitious.  I am excited to introduce her to those who do not know her work as… Read More

Interview with Bekah Berger

Interview with  Bekah Berger: 1. Share what it is that you do. I am the mid-day personality for Hot 106 in Providence.  You can hear me weekdays (and Saturdays!) from 10a-2p.  I am also the promotions & marketing director for the station. 2. What accomplishments are you most proud of, thus far? I am really proud… Read More

Bobby Colombi Interview

Interview with Bobby Colombi: I met Bobby while attending college at the University of Rhode Island.  As a peer, and a fan, I always admired not only his talent but his ability to put himself out there in order to pursue what he is passionate about.  That being said he was an obvious choice for me… Read More