The Grazers Guide: Snacks!

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Snacking or “grazing” has always been my eating style.  I enjoy little meals throughout the day to stay energized and focused and of course to keep my metabolism active.  Many people can relate to the desire to “graze” during the day and I am going to share some of my personal favorite healthy meals and snacks so we can avoid reaching for the bag of chips or sugary protein bar.

Todays Grazers Guide to snacking is Strawberry-Dark Chocolate Yogurt

OK I know what you are thinking, dark chocolate? That cannot be a healthy snack.  Guess what – it is a SUPERFOOD! Now I am not talking about candy here, but REAL RAW Organic Cacao. (“Nature’s Dark Chocolate Chips” as the brand Navitas Organics explains it) I love a nice CRUNCH in a yogurt bowl and in order to avoid the added sugars of granola I sprinkle a small amount or Raw Organic Cacao Nibs over the yogurt. Cacao has so many amazing benefits being the highest antioxidant food and OH yea dark chocolate is just super tasty and you CAN enjoy knowing it is a superfood that also gives you energy. Finally I top with my favorite fresh organic fruit of the day and enjoy!

I absolutely love Siggi’s yogurt.  It really is so delicious and has lower sugars than most other yogurts brands on the shelves at your super market.  I try to avoid eating yogurt every day, but time to time, especially if I have had a really light breakfast and an active morning, I will enjoy a yogurt to fuel my day.  I find that half of a serving with a bit of toppings is plenty for a satisfying snack between meals.

There you have it, a quick simple snack packed with protein, antioxidants and vitamins to fuel your afternoon.


** Tip: If you are craving ice-cream during the day or evening this little snack really satisfies that craving without depriving yourself OR overindulging.



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