Three Must Reads

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These three books below are wonderful and empowering reads for all, but particularly MUST reads for anyone itching to change their lives and live their passions and dreams.  They have taught me how to view my own thoughts with care.  I have also learned that this entire Universe (if you allow it to be) is pure magic and beauty.  When I look back I remember these books as gifts. I was not out shopping in a bookstore or asking around for good books, but they just came to me organically and naturally.  I attracted them into my life in the times I needed each most.


I attribute some of the bravery it took to leave a “comfortable” and “society approved” career to pursue a life and business that excites me and fills me with pure joy each day to the words and lessons from these books.


Each of us deserves to go for our dream. These books and stories can be a true stepping stone for all who give them a pure and honest chance with an open heart and mind just to embrace the positive message each has to share. Sure, they may not be for everyone, but I can guarantee each one will have something in them that will warm your heart.



OK by now almost all have heard of this one but it is an important part of my list. This book is a must read and the perfect foundation for anyone. It truly breaks down the power of thoughts, gratitude, and meditation and began a shift in my own attitude towards situations in life. This is a good “first step” towards the acceptance of spirituality and power of thoughts.  It doesn’t have to be a “spiritual” book but that is how I like to see it.  Beyond that it has insights from many different scientists and philosophers who help break down the theory of The Secret in ways that all can understand and digest.

It came to me in college, encouraging me to be present and let go of fears or anxiety of what the future has in store. I was able to just enjoy what was now.  It kick-started my meditation journey that has grown and changed much since then. Overall, the lessons truly helped me to grow as a person. I can see now that since this book introduced me and inspired me to begin meditation it was a gentle hand from the Universe showing me the right direction for my life that ultimately lead me to where I am today, almost 5 years later, teaching Yoga and helping others through this moving meditation and wellness lifestyle.



The title essentially explains itself.  This book is a guide and teaching of the importance of living in the present moment and not putting emphasis on the past or future thoughts. It teaches us to leave the conditioned mind and thoughts behind to connect with the true bliss that can be found in connecting with our higher mind that was not falsely created by our circumstances.


This book was transformative, but it was not love at first sight.  It took me a long time to read this book.  Initially it was a frustrating read for me and I could not sit reading it for extended periods of time.  Suddenly, as I started to really focus on the words and the power of what it suggested I could not get enough and I flew through the second half.  It was as if the lessons all came together in my mind and I remember truly finding more peace in the present moment during and after the reading. This is one I need to revisit.

1) 865

Much less “self-help-esque” than the others and easily my absolute favorite book.  This enchanting novel follows a boy on a journey to find a treasure through following his personal legend.  This story has a strong and powerful message for all readers that we need to stay on the path to our “personal legends” and listen to your heart.  It opens the mind to the universal cues we all receive and how when we are living out the journey to our personal legends that is when we live in true happiness and fulfillment.  This story truly motivated me to hold fast to my dreams and passions and remember all I have learned about our connection to the universe.


We live in a society where more often than not people leave their path to their personal legend to do what they think they are supposed to do.  We often hear talk about how fast life is going by and a big factor of this is the hampster wheel we have been resigned to.  Robotically moving through each moment of each day we start to blend time together and before long so much time has passed and what have we really done? For ourselves? For others? For our souls? When you live your “personal legend” as Paulo Coelho calls it, each moment is a journey and we remember to find the joy of each new day.

Overall from all three of these books there are a few things I can relay to you before you go on your reading adventure.

1) Slow down and be present. Every moment is perfect if you let go of the past, and allow the future to just happen. 

The Alchemist Quote

2) Have gratitude.  Be thankful for what you already have in life and more good things will come to you in abundance.  


3) Be kind and understanding.  What you put out, you receive back. (Also – do what makes YOU happy, not what others TELL you will make you happy.)


In the spirit of gratitude, thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I hope these books bring you so much joy!

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