Yoga Teacher Training

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This past month at my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training went by SO QUICKLY.  Through this intensive course, which at times could be very physically and mentally exhaustive, I also found so much inner peace and joy in these daily practices and being surrounded by many like-minded, positive, and loving individuals.  Honestly, I did not know exactly what I was getting myself into when I signed up. What I did know was I had to go for it.  When I first began to consider this type of training back in May I was nervous because it was a leap of faith.  While I spent a lot of time in my head when I was considering this I was also aware of the excitement and happiness I felt whenever I discussed the idea. When I pay attention to what my “gut” is telling me I know that is that deep inner self we need to listen to.  The true self, not the ego or the mind filled with the worlds conditioning.  Whenever we do something with passion and love, we are on a wonderful path that is not only leading to happiness, but that is filled with happiness every step of the way.


While yoga teacher training is, of course, about the postures and leading a class, we also delve into all 8 limbs of yoga. (Yup, there are 8 limbs – who knew!) We come to find it is so much more than just those hour and a half classes that leave us feeling balanced and energized in our daily lives.  Through morning meditation and practices I found myself becoming exceedingly more aware and balanced.  Within the first two weeks of training the food I craved and my eating habits even shifted in many ways without any deliberate effort.  Your body knows what it needs and when you listen and become in tune it is easy to stay on track and feel good.

Beyond that we quickly were required to begin teaching sequences for the whole class.  This was, initially, very intimidating. As a class I saw how supportive we all were of each other and how we each wanted the other to do well and succeed which was so beautiful.  There was no “competition” or “comparison” but we all recognized in each other our unique styles and strengths and made one another better.  I am so blessed to have met everyone in my class and they really are all beautiful souls who have inspired me in so many ways.  Even on those days where I simply could not push my body any more and needed to collapse into child’s pose for a while – I smiled – because I was so grateful to be there. Of course, not every moment or every day was perfect and effortless, but what you focus on determines your life and what you bring into it, so those small moments when things weren’t ideal float away as nothing more than a lesson learned.


For the first time I also practiced sunrise meditation/sun gazing.  I am not THAT much of an early riser but the couple of times that I participated in this practice were so amazing.  Watching the sun rise over the ocean was absolutely breathtaking and this is surely a new practice I will take with me into the future.


“There is a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they are absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” – Jo Walton


I am looking forward to continuing my education and learning as much as I possibly can about yoga, physical health, healing, nutrition and spirituality.  This is only the first step!

Anyone in NYC looking for group or private yoga classes can contact me.

If you are thinking about a yoga teacher training course and have any questions please also feel free to reach out! 🙂





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